Onsite Engineering

Our team can join client's development team augmenting their design and development resources, which can speed up the project execution. We will work with your team, supplementing them in whatever areas they may require. Besides being technically thorough in their jobs, our engineers also demonstrate willingness and tenacity to withstand exhaustive travel, demanding time schedules and difficult work environments.

On Call Service

When your operation is down due to failure of your equipment/infrastructure, call us. Our engineers will be by your side in no time. They come equipped with all required tools and equipment coupled with expert knowledge and can meet your needs in reasonable time.


Our onsite training programs are tailored for specific needs and requirement. The trainees leave with well documented subject matter and hands on experiences.

Customer Feedback

We welcome your feedback on our performance and invite you to send us your comments. The information you provide will help us in our efforts to continually improve our service offerings. Feedback.

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One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right company to handle and maintain your installations and equipment.

From managing a single project to completely outsourcing your technology needs, from modular solutions to fully comprehensive agreements, we stand ready to meet your expectations with the same commitment to quality that we provide all our clients/customers with.

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