Industrial Automation

The ability of machines to replace human effort is at an unsurpassed level. Serts offers the experience, creativity and perspective to properly implement automation technologies. Two qualities separate Serts from other solution providers: Creativity and Completeness

Industrial Safety

Fire prevention is critically to lives and properties and can be achieved using different methods and strategies. Modern risk management practice has demonstrated that improvements in safety for workers through effective loss control practices can be financially rewarding to the company.

Information and Communication Technology

The purpose of technology is to serve the business. We seek to understand the strategic plan that you have for your business. The networks and systems that we design and build include scalability, reliability, and anything else necessary to ensure a stable technology environment for your business.

Electrical Construction

Development, whether it is political or economical or social, electricity is one key element need to drive and sustain it. Because of its role in developmental processes, the availability of electrical energy needs to be consistent. Where this cannot be guaranteed, all activities tied to it becomes distorted and can be paralyzed.

Civil Construction

Civil construction is a segment of the broader construction industry focused on building core infrastructures like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Our goal is targeted towards designing, building and maintaining physical assets that support economic growth, development,  public health and safety.

Mechanical Construction

Mechanical construction has been a significant component of the construction supply chain. We understand fully the dynamics of fast-track schedules, rigorous construction standards, collaboration of project team members, and integration of real components into design/build details.


Instrument offers a platform for monitoring and control of industrial process. Staying at the heart of control of your process requires that your instruments are in excellent health. Eliminating or minimizing factors that cause inaccurate measurement is fundamental in instrumentation design.

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