Ethical Conduct of Our Business:

The Company's culture is based on integrity and respect. At Serts, this means adhering to the highest standards of ethical business culture. Our reputation for adhering to these standards will be one of our most valuable assets. We stand by everything we do.


Our policy is to promote the occupational health and welfare of our staff. We aim to ensure workplace conditions are free from health risks to employees, including harm from hazardous substances, noise, vibration and stress.


It is the aim of the Company to achieve the highest practicable standards of safety for employees and those affected by our activities including customers and members of the public. Good safety practices are a combination of people, process and place and our focus is on the adoption, implementation and communication of Company standards and expectations.


Our employees are the source from which our ideas, actions and performance flow. The full potential of our people is best realized in an environment that breeds fairness, self-fulfillment, teamwork and dedication to excellence.


Our relationship with each customer is entered in the spirit of a long-term partnership and is predicated on making the customer's interests our interests.


Our never-ending quest for quality performance is based on our understanding of our customers' needs and our willingness and capability to fulfill those needs.


Our advancement of Engineering and related sciences in our chosen fields is the Value that most differentiates Serts Nigeria Limited.


Our commitment to the safekeeping of the natural environment is founded on our appreciation of it as the basis for the existence of life.


Our long-term profit growth is essential to our long-term existence. How our profits are derived, and the purposes for which they are used, are influenced by our Values and our shareholders.

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