Serts Nigeria Limited is a unique full-service Engineering, Procurement and Construction company, with exceptional knowledge and core competence in a broad range of Engineering disciplines. Serts specializes in the support and provision of high-end technical services & solutions to both the Public and Private sectors. Our services are delivered by a consortium of proven and experienced technical & business professionals and this allows us to provide our clients with a uniquely crafted, universal portfolio of innovative business solution.

Serts is highly dedicated to total quality management. The importance of quality control and quality assurance as well as safety management constitute the central theme of our operations. Serts is vendor-independent. This means that we can objectively execute projects using local and outsourced technologies including materials and equipments that are all engineered and manufactured to meet the exact needs and requirements of a client.

8 Reasons Why You Should Chose Us:

   - Collaborative Team Work

   - Streamlined Project Execution.

   - Performance Guarantee.

   - Shortest Schedule.

   - Technological Innovation.

   - Best practice Implementation.

   - Top Flight Materials.

   - Excellent Craftsmanship.


To provide high profiled Engineering/Technology Solutions to meet the critical and challenging needs of the industries we serve.


Serts aims at executing all her projects in a qualitative manner and timely completion that meets our clients’ specifications.

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