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Who we are

Serts provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction, services to the Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing industries, Corporate institutions etc. Our services are delivered by a team of proven and experienced professionals and this allows us to provide our clients with a uniquely crafted portfolio of innovative business solution. Read more.

How we work

Our services have been tailored to meet a broad range of needs. With success as our end result, we implement every solution by first considering the overall system objectives, we then define specific requirements that enables us deploy the best solution for the need. Our experience in the various engineering disciplines assures that the expertise and details needed to design and implement projects from scratch to commissioning will be achieved. Read more.

What we do

    Industrial Automation        

   Industrial Safety

   Information Technology

   Electrical Construction

  Mechanical Construction


 Renewable Energy

   Civil Construction

Welcome !

You are welcome to Serts Nigeria Limited site. Our goal at Serts is to render high profile solutions to meet the critical and demanding needs of our clients and customers. We are here because of you so, feel free to explore this site to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

Why you should chose us:

   - Collaborative Team Work

   - Streamlined Project Execution.

   - Performance Guarantee.

   - Technological Innovation.

   - Best practice Implementation.

   - Top Flight Materials.

   - Excellent Craftsmanship.